In Suisse Normande-Cingal, you can use parking facilities as you like, free of charge. However, certain towns have limited the time you can park on certain spaces.

Specific rules and regulations:

Thury-Harcourt - Place Saint Sauveur and Route de Condé: only the spaces marked with blue lines are limited (parking limited to 2 hours on working days from 9 am to 6 pm). Make sure you display your parking disc inside your car when you arrive.


Thury-Harcourt: There is no time restriction in the car park located in Place du Général de Gaulle. However, please note that you cannot park there on Tuesdays (market day).


Clécy - Place du Tripot: The parking places located along the Rue de la Poste are limited to 30 minutes' parking, in order to facilitate access for all visitors to the stores in the centre of the village. The spaces located near the Mairie have no time limit.


Clécy - Rue de la Poste: Rue de la Poste is closed on Sunday mornings in July and August (market day). Use Rue Ermington to access the banks of the River Orne.


Clécy – The Banks of the Orne: The street that runs alongside the River Orne, dotted with open-air cafés and restaurants is one-way during peak periods. Information signs on site.


Please feel free to contact us for further information: Suisse Normande Tourist Office: Tel: 0033 (0)