Suisse Normande-Cingal cultivates its territorial excellence thanks to a wealth of natural and built heritage:

The miniature railway comprises an exceptional scale model of over 300m2 including 650 buildings, 450 wagons, 270 locomotives, 500 metres of railway track, etc. much to the pleasure of visitors of all ages.

The André Hardy Museum pays tribute to this Post-Impressionist painter who fell in love with Clécy and lived there most of his life. His pictorial legacy offers an excellent insight into the area and its inhabitants. Over a hundred paintings and other works fully illustrate Suisse Normande's rural spirit, its population and its exceptional landscapes.

Suisse Normande-Cingal also boasts fine historic and built heritage.

From its earliest years, during the Middle Ages, with emblematic sites such as Château Ganne and the Motte d'Olivet castle mound, to the present day, the area unveils the many facets of its eventful history to each and every visitor!