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Welcome to the heart of the history of the Normandy Battle in Cingal and Suisse Normande through a landmark exhibition labeled the 80th Anniversary of the Normandy Battle by the Normandy region in 2024. This open-air exhibition, set against the backdrop of the Harcourt Castle ruins, retraces the history of the locals during the battles, their daily lives, their struggles, through objects, narratives, and testimonies collected during several months of work, encounters, and research by the team of Suisse Normande Tourism.

World War II left behind a heavy toll of suffering for civilian populations. In 1940, the German advance triggered a massive exodus of Dutch, Belgian, and French populations. Thousands of people fled to Calvados, seeking refuge from the horrors of war. However, even in finding refuge, civilians were confronted with German occupation and the terror of Nazi repression.

This occupation was marked by acts of violence and persecution directed against certain segments of the population. In addition to repression, civilians had to face a multitude of difficulties, including malnutrition, constant fear of bombings, the absence of loved ones who went to fight or were taken prisoner, and the psychological traumas caused by the horrors of war.

Even after the D-Day landings and despite the euphoria of Liberation, the devastating consequences of war remained palpable in Normandy. The tragedies caused by bombings and combat left behind a heavy human toll, with over 20,000 deaths in the region. These tragic losses have forever marked the collective memory of Normandy, reminding us of the sacrifices made for freedom and peace.