With a fine selection of waterside 'guingette' style terraces, traditional or gourmet restaurants and brasseries, as far as dining is concerned, you'll be spoilt for choice in Suisse Normande.

And our local tables place priority on offering you an initiation into Normandy's very own flavours. For Suisse Normande simply abounds with enthusiastic producers, offering fine country fare: cider and calvados cellars, cheese dairies, honey, small-scale breweries, etc. Relish in a taste of Normandy's best!

Take a gourmet break in the heart of Normandy: local meat, poultry, vegetables and cheeses are on the menu every day. Not forgetting Normandy's flagships: cream, butter, cider and beer.

Whether you choose to enjoy them by the fireside, on the terrace, on the river bank, in a verdant setting or in one of our picturesque villages, your taste buds are sure to be tantalised.